Notable Looks at WMC Fashion Week: Soia and Kyo

We caught up with Soia and Kyo designer Ilan Elfassy at this year’s World MasterCard Fashion week in Toronto to talk about his Fall 2013 collection and get a few words of inspiration to pass along to other young, aspiring designers. 

“Don’t give up,” he says, three simple words so often overlooked but absolutely integral when you’re looking to build a name for yourself in our country’s fashion industry. “If you believe in something, go all the way…if you have a vision and direction, it’s going to take you time, but you’re going to reach where you want to go.” Watch the full interview below.

The highlight, of course, was getting a look at Soia and Kyo’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection, something you can take part in as well through our gallery