Notable Last Minute Gift Idea: Sodastream

If you’re like us, you’re still shopping. It’s not that you want to be, it’s just that you’ve been busy for the past 360 days. We get it, life sometimes gets in the way – all year. Don’t worry, though, cause we’re here to tell you about one of the best products you can still grab from the shelf… if that shelf happens to be at a Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart, The Bay, Staples, or a host of other stores.

Sodastream, in case you you’ve somehow missed it, is an innovative home beverage carbonation system. Basically, it puts bubbles in your water. If you’re sitting there holding a straw in your hand and thinking, “I can do that too,” let us stop you right there. You can’t. And if you still don’t understand why this is such a breakthrough, allow us to explain.

First of all, do you know how many plastic bottles Sodastream saves every second? About 35. Think about that for a second. Oh, you did? Good, 35 more bottles saved.

Secondly, this isn’t about sacrificing quality to save the environment. You still get San Pellegrino-level taste without having to worry about where those bottles are going. Not only that, but you’ll never again have to worry about cracking a bottle and drinking it all down before it goes flat – if your Sodastream water does happen to lose some pop, you can just stick it right back in the machine and bring it up to the crisp, bubblicious level you’re used to. 

The reason we’re really pushing this revolution, however, is the endless amount of options a Sodastream can provide. Which isn’t something we would have always said. This year, Sodastream has partnered with Ocean Spray to create seasonal flavours that’ll fill your sparkling water with a delicious variety of tastes. Want some pop without all the sugar? No problem. Pour some syrup into your Sodastream water and you’ll get a drink that tastes exactly like your favourite cola. Only this one will have 8 grams of sugar rather than the 39 grams you’d find in regular can of Coke.

Want Cranberry, Cranberry-Raspberry, Cranberry-Grape, or Grapefruit? Done. The combinations are endless. Especially if you want to start talking cocktails. And we always want to start talking cocktails. In fact, we’re going to go make one right now. If only you had your own Sodastream you could join us… good thing Christmas is coming. 

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