Notable Interview: Jewelry Designer Edilou Canedo of CUCHARA

CUCHARA is a Toronto-based jewelry line created and designed by Edilou Canedo. Growing up in Victoria B.C. Canada, the combination of island bohemian chic and grimy city edginess is applied to each piece. Born a ‘lefty’, but forced to covert into a ‘righty’, Edi’s comprehensive conflicts have resulted in a clever yet crafty style of design. Upon completing a BSc at the University of Victoria, she then pursued fashion and moved to Toronto where she completed the Fashion Techniques and Design program at George Brown College. Edi takes inspiration from the beach, the city, the 90s (punk, grunge and hip-hop) and all things the earth provides to the being.  

CUCHARA’s inception began four years ago when Edi and a friend created necklaces out of vintage collector silver spoons, hence the label’s name. CUCHARA has since evolved and now incorporates materials such as rare gemstones, heavy chains and bright and dull beads.  

CUCHARA jewelry can be described as an amalgamation of edgy and playful with a dash of elegance. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted to provide originality and flare to any wearer.

1. How did you get started as a jewelry designer? Do you have any formal training or did it just come naturally?
I started making jewelry back when I lived in Victoria out of vintage spoons, hence the name “CUCHARA,” meaning spoon in Tagalog. I then moved to Toronto to take the fashion design program at George Brown where I met Tomas, my business partner, and from there we began to take the line seriously.

2. What has been the most exciting part about your job?
When I see someone on the street wearing a piece of CUCHARA.

3. What was the first piece of jewelry you ever made?
I used to collect vintage spoons, so the first piece of jewelry involved one of them.

4. What is the most memorable milestone in your career?
Collaborating with Holt Renfrew to create pieces for a section in their store called the H Project was the most memorable milestone in my career.

5. Any tips for other aspiring designers or entrepreneurs?
Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

6. What’s next? How do you plan on growing CUCHARA?
We’re constantly trying to grow the brand; right now we’re trying to focus getting it into the US market. 

7. If you could have anyone wear your designs, who would it be?
I think every designer right now would love to get their work on Rihanna, but to have a respected fashion insider like Corine Roitfeild wearing CUCHARA would be amazing.

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