Notable Interview: Calgary Artist DaveandJenn

With DaveandJenn (all one word), you get two artists in one. Having spotted one of their layered resin pieces at the Made in Alberta exhibition, we were curious about the duo. We sat down with these notable artists to get the what’s what on their work, background and muses.

Mostly painting but also lots of sculpture. Some photography. We paint in between multiple layers of resin and build up our images that way.


Homegrown in Calgary or transplant from _____?
David was born and raised in Edmonton. I [Jennifer] was born in Velbert, Germany, but moved to Edmonton with my mother in 1989. David and I both moved to Calgary to finish our BFAs at ACAD and we’ve lived here since. 

What is your creative process like?
We’ve always approached this whole thing like a sort of unending game, bouncing ideas back and forth. Layering and accumulation are important in the way we work and think. We pile on more and more visual and narrative information until we are left with something that we feel is new and unexpected. We say that the sources for all this noise are “Art, Science, History and Hearsay,” the four corner stones to our lives right now. It’s not always as inwardly focused as it might often appear, but we tend to shy away from over explanation.

How does Calgary inspire your art?
The city we live in is, of course, a heavy influence on the things we make. Our work has a heavy autobiographical leaning; this means that the stories we weave and grow come in large part from our immediate surroundings and the relationships and conversations we have here with our friends, peers and betters. Despite the eternal problems of the higher cost of living and the lack of affordable studio spaces here, our creative community is still strong and there’s no shortage of stimulus.

Any other muses we can know about?
Right now: Astrophysics/Astrobiology (in as much as we can grasp them), the new work by Daniel Richter, the old work by Agnes Denes, local artists Kyle Beal, Heather Kai Smith and Chris Millar and, of course, the impending end of WINTER.

Where’s your go-to spot for pints?
Our front porch. Failing this, we like to go to the Kensington Pub.

Where can we see your work?
We’re represented by Trépanier Baer Gallery here in Calgary. Currently, in the province, you can see our work as part of the Alberta Biennial “The News From Here” at the AGA.