Notable Ice Cream Shops in Montreal

We realize it’s getting cold, but we say “Who cares?!” Everyone loves ice cream no matter what the weather. Montreal is peppered with a wide array of different ice cream shops all around the city. We, of course, know where the best ones are, and we’re sharing ’em with you…

Bilboquet1311 Bernard West
There are two Bilboquet locations in the city, however, the Outrement outlet is our favorrite. The home base of Montreal’s own inventive ice cream, this shop specializes in ice creams, sorbets, and gelati. Our preferred flavours? Salt Caramel and Vanilla Raspberry. The neighbourhood is as cute as can be, thanks in part to this ultimate ice cream experience.

La Peche Glaces2001 Mont-Royal East
A hybrid internet Cafe and ice cream shop, this Plateau hot spot is famous for their home made ice cream, sorbet, and yogurt. You can cozy up here with your computer, have a scoop, or try one of their savoury crepes or delicious fruit smoothies. Their most delectable ice cream flavours are pistachio, ginger, and green tea.

Suite 88 Chocolatier3957 Saint Denis
The best part about this ice cream mecca is that they also specialize in so many other sugary treats. So your biggest choice when you walk in is whether to have a scoop of their triple chocolate or mocha ice cream, their cinnamon, orange, or ginger hot chocolate, or a slice of their “Chocolate Chocolate” cake (five layers of basically chocolate). But our favourite is their ice cream, so make sure not to miss out!

Swurl1464 Crescent
Located on Crescent Street in the heart of downtown Montreal, this frozen yogurt hot spot only opened in 2010, and is already one of the most notable frozen yogurt destinations in the city. Swurl’s concept? Choose from eight delicious flavours of yogurt and then top it with as many as 40 garnishes. (You’re charged by the ounce.) You can legitimately have a different experience each time you go!