Notable Download: Way Way

 Calling all tech-loving foodies! There’s a new app designed to simplify your chaotic young professional (YP) lives when you travel to cities like New York, San Francisco and Paris. When you’re unfamiliar with a city (or even in your own), it’s daunting to spend time sorting through endless reviews to find new restaurants and bars in town, especially when you want to make the most of those few precious nights on the scene.

The brand new Way Way app is here to help. Every day, our social media friends and us share the places we love on social media, and it seems to be the avenue through which most connected YPs hear about new places. With Way Way, popularity and trending scores help you make a fast and solid decision about where to go next. Plus, you get an immediate feel of where you’re headed by browsing through the venue’s Instagram shots of food, people and atmosphere. With new restaurants opening seemingly every week in cities across the country, we can only hope it hits Canada soon.

Here is what you can do with Way Way:

Search for popular places near you; Way Way analyzes activity from Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare and Twitter so you don’t have waste anymore time on social media than you already do.

Browse through local “classics” to find the nearby all-time popular landmarks for no-fail options. Places are ranked from 0 to 100 based on their historical activity in Social Media and represented inside a blue button.

Discover up-and-coming venues by checking out their “trending” score that you can visualize inside a yellow button – the more arrows, the trendiest!

Browse sorted Instagram pictures of people, food and atmosphere to get a feel for the place. These days, it’s all about the visuals.

Filter your searches by area, genre and price.

Record your favorites and share on Facebook and Twitter

Look up addresses, menus, phone numbers and opening hours.


Way Way is available in New York, but will soon be hit San Francisco, Paris, London and more!