Notable Dog Parks in Montreal

Montreal is most definitely one of the most dog-friendly cities in Canada. With our wide selection of outdoor dog-friendly hiking trails and off-leash dog parks, there is ample choice for all you dog owners out there to get out with your pooch and get some exercise. Just make sure you bring your poop bags and that your dog is registered, or else you may run head on into some unnecessary road blocks!

Dr. Penfield Park Corner Simpson and Dr. Penfield
This beautiful gated and off-leash dog park located in the Golden Square Mile is one of the most notable in Montreal. With a beautiful view of the downtown Montreal skyline, you can let your dog play amongst other (usually) friendly pups. One of the biggest dog parks in the city, there is lots of room for your dog to roam, explore, and run.

Murray Hill Dog ParkCote St. Antoine and Murray Hill
Located in prestigious Westmount, this small, gated dog park in heart of Murray Hill Park may not have a lot of room for your dog to run, but it does attract some of the nicest pooches in the neigbourhood. You can sit on a bench and watch your dog play while looking at a view of the entire city.

Parc Summit
Another option in Westmount, Parc Summit is a walking trail on the top of the Westmount Mountain and offers many kilometres of ‘forest’ trail right in the heart of the city. Between September and April you can have your dogs off leash, but for the summer months you must keep your dog on a tight rein, as it is bird watching season.

Image courtesy stock.xchng.