Notable Contest: Small Business Office Relic

The average person probably spends about eight hours a day in their office, a number that stretches to 10, 12 or even 14 for the hard-working young professional. For anyone who’s spent a considerable time in the office of a small business, you’re aware of the usual pitfalls: cluttered desktops, minimal furniture and a lack of imagination when it comes to colour and design. Though small business offices also breed creativity, spawn spontaneous teamwork sessions and encourage social interaction, it would be nice to have a more appealing place to call home for the majority of your work week. 

Grand and Toy’s Office Relic Search looks to uncover the most outdated office equipment in Canada and replace it with a modern alternative. Their Facebook contest rewards eight lucky small business employees with a $500 credit on their business account with Grand & Toy. From chairs to tables to computers to lamps, if it’s old, Grand & Toy wants to see it. 

We know how important morale and a comfortable environment is at the workplace, so we’re giving away an additional $100 to a small business in dire need of a small office makeover. To enter, simply head over to our Facebook page and find the contest post linking to this page. Leave a comment about one thing you’d like to see in your business’s small office and we’ll contact you if you’ve won.

The contest runs until Thursday, January 27th, 2012