Notable Contest: Join Us for a Must Attend Night at Elmwood Spa’s Bangkok Garden Restaurant

*Scroll down to enter our contest to join us for One Night in Bangkok at Elmwood Spa’s Bangkok Garden restaurant on July 3rd.

You’ll find Elmwood Spa just a five-minute walk from Dundas station.  

If you haven’t been, we suggest you check it out (and bring your boyfriend or girlfriend). 

Why? Aside from the convenience factor, Elmwood Spa offers a comfort that’s absent from the stuffy and often over-priced hotel spas. And food. Really good food. 

The Perks?

They don’t skimp on the services.

Though it’s difficult to imagine when stumbling upon the unassuming building from the street, Elmwood Spa features 34 treatment rooms and water therapies (swimming pool, whirlpool and steam rooms) that could easily entice you to stay longer than intended (as in, all day). That’s more than any other day spa in Toronto. If your back and shoulders feel as mangled from hours of computer time as ours, there are also over 60 registered massage therapists (RMTs) to help. 

You can finally relax.

From the rich wood details to the fireplace and gabled ceilings in the massage rooms, Elmwood Spa offers a warm and inviting feel that’s far from a pretentious 5-star hotel spa vibe (but is just as luxurious and relaxing). Parts of the space make you feel like you’re far from the heart of the city in a grande country home. 

You can have lunch in a spa robe.

There’s no need to make reservations at a neighbouring restaurant after your spa visit. Elmwood Spa offers two restaurants and a juice bar. The best part? You can enjoy a three-course lunch for only $29 in their licensed 4th floor restaurant (complete with a terrace) while wrapped in a cozy spa robe. If you’re looking for a lighter lunch, there are also an assortment of fresh, made-to-order sandwiches and energy bars. 

Speaking of food, you need to try the Bangkok Garden Restaurant.

If nothing else, hit Elmwood Spa for the award-winning Bangkok Garden Restaurant, decorated in teak imported from Thailand and made complete with statues that reflect popular Thai mythology and a flowing river full of fish and stones collected from the banks of Riber Kwai in Kanchanabari province. Did we mention that it was the first Thai restaurant in Toronto? Oh, and there’s a lunch buffet. 

It’s social. 

Check out Bangkok Garden for yourself on July 3rd for the One Night in Bangkok event. Mingle with fellow young professionals over authentic Thai dishes inspired by street food vendors in Thailand and exotic cocktails. The patio will also be open. Tickets are $25 and include a complimentary beverage. 

Naturally, we want to see you there. That’s why we’ll be selecting three readers and their plus ones to join us the event. Fill out the form below to apply. Contest closes July 2.