Notable Chats with 2014 Canada’s Walk of Fame Inductees: Rachel McAdams and Ryan Reynolds

The growing crowd outside of a massive tented yellow carpet – magazines, DVDs, Sharpies, and cameras in hand – suggested it wasn’t a typical Saturday afternoon on Front Street.

Two of Hollywood’s biggest names were about to grace the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto. And they just so happen to be born and bred Canadians.

Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rachel McAdams were among the influential Canadians being celebrated at the Canada’s Walk of Fame Tribute Show on Saturday, having been inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame for 2014.  

Other inductees included the likes of Olympic icon Hayley Wickenheiser, philanthropist Louise Arbour, late musician Jeff Healy, and rockers The Band. The show was hosted by good old Brandon Walsh himself, Jason Priestley (who seems to be all over the scene lately), and included presenters like Jian Ghomeshi, Tom Cochrane, Jay Burachel, Clara Hughes, and Peter Fonda.

The “nicest guy in Hollywood” award goes to Reynolds, who won us over for not only being better looking in person and for bringing along his mom, but also for talking the time to engage and take pictures with anyone and everyone before he was finally pulled away.

Over screams from the fans of “Ryan(!!!)” or “Rachel(!!!),” we caught up with the stars on the carpet. 


On being inducted:
“It’s very exciting to be inducted, I was surprised. I thought I would have to be in my 60s and have a body of work behind me before something like this would happen.”

On the star:
“I can’t wait to step all over it. I’m responsible for its upkeep? Ok, I will definitely have an assortment of products available for the city maintenance workers in Toronto.”

On coming home to Canada:
“I love coming back to Canada. I’ve had goose bumps since I’ve landed. Though that could be the cold. New York was so warm when I left.”

On the first person he called (with the star news, not the baby):
“The first person I called was my mom. For her, this was just as big an honour as it was for me.”

On which Canadians inspired him growing up:
“Michael J. Fox. Definitely. In every way, and he still inspires me today.”

On Canadian film:
“The subject matter is always by and large mainly Canadian and we have organizations like Telefilm, which are financing films for Canadian content and putting Canadians to work and Canadian crew members to work, so it’s important that continues.”

On working with Atom Egoyan in The Captive:
“Growing up, he was sort of the couture – not only in film, but in a number of other mediums too – so I was thrilled. It was a dream come true.”


On being inducted:
“I’m over the moon. It’s incredible. I’m really excited.”

On maintaining the star herself: 
“Nobody told me that. Alright, that’s fine, I’m into that.”

On why Canada fosters such great talent:

“Personally speaking, I went through so many great arts programs. I was part of a kid’s theatre company growing up, The Sears Ontario Drama Festival, and had some amazing teachers at my high school. I went to York University, which has an incredible theatre program…and the list goes on and on when it comes to the programs in Canada that foster the arts.”


On preparing for his role as host:
“I would have liked more time to prepare, but that’s how these shows go. I will be flying by the seat of my pants, but that’ll make it more exciting. The show’s not about me though – it’s about the people we’re inducting tonight. And I think we have a great group we’re inducting. My job is to go out there and tell a few jokes, keep it light and keep it moving, so hopefully I’ll be able to do that without the wheels falling off. My friends are terrified of hosting things like this so I couldn’t look for them to advice.”

On his greatest Canadian influences:  
“Well, I left Canada when I was but a mere lad, so Mr. Dress Up and The Friendly Giant (insert cute eye-crinkling laugh).”

On up-and-coming Canadians to watch:
“Tatiana Maslany.”


On being inducted:
“When they called, I was very surprised. It speaks well for women’s hockey and female athletes in general in this country. Canadians are kind of subtle about the pride we have, and I think we need to show it more.” 


All images from Canada Walk Of Fame Facebook Page

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