Notable CEO Julian Brass Shares the Secrets to Young Professional Success

Yesterday, Notable CEO Julian Brass went on CTV to talk about the Quebec Notable Awards (happening tonight!)

But what he ended up sharing we felt was more than worth re-sharing with all of you.

‘Cause at we spend our time focusing on what makes young, driven, and passionate Canadians successful.

We do this 24/7. In fact, it’s all we do.

For the past six years we’ve spent our waking hours (and many of those when we probably should have been sleeping) dedicated to highlighting the young professionals that are doing so much with their lives in this country.

And along the way we’ve tried to discern the tangible qualities that separate one person from another.

Why are some young professionals so much more successful than others? What drives the best? What motivates the leaders? What is their ‘secret sauce’?

How do some people seem to have 48 hours in a day when the rest of us only have 24?

So it’s important to remember, as Julian pointed out, that success leaves clues…


And here are the shared secrets we’ve come to associate with the very best young professionals in Canada:

1. A Deep Desire
They want to succeed more than anything else in the world. Period.

2. Understanding Goals
They know exactly what they want. They see the end goal (and several goals along the way) clearly and are able to reverse engineer the way to get themselves there.

3. They Take Risks
Once they know what their goal is, they take the necessary risks in order to achieve it. And they’re willing to give up certain things – from a night out to a savings account – to succeed. No matter what.

4. Balance
They understand that living a balanced life is imperative to finding true success.  Without a life of mental, physical, and spiritual balance they realize they won’t have the energy and capacity to succeed.

5. Self-Actualization
They truly believe that they deserve it and are worth it. And that reaching their full potential is only a question of when not if


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