Notable Calgarians Share Their Advice for 2015

In the last year we’ve met some of the most talented individuals that call this city and province home.

We’ve also heard their incredible stories and had the pleasure of learning what makes these successful go-getters so inspiring.

Dancer extraordinaire Sabrina Naz told us there’s no such thing as too big of a dream; sommelier Brad Royale shared his wine insight and tasting notes;

Camp Brand Goods, who run one of the most popular Instagram feeds in YYC, chatted with us about their outdoor brand that’s blowing up; Phil and Sebastian schooled us in the art of espresso; Maya Gohill blew us away with her iconic paintings; and Myke Macapinlac of the Social Man Project gave single people some solid advice on finding love.

We’re only going to say this once: Who needs Oprah when you know people like this?

If you’re still struggling to find inspiration on setting your own goals for 2015, take a quick time-out and see what some of our incredible new friends had to say about setting their own goals this year.

Be Happy
For those of you who missed our interview with Kendall Barber this summer, she’s one part of the dynamic duo that runs the popular made-to-measure shoe company called ‘Poppy Barley.

Between selling out at pop-up shops and dominating social media, Kendall and her partner (sister Justine) are travelling across the country to share their coveted product. If you love custom leather shoes, keep your eyes peeled for more pop-ups hitting the city this year.

“In 2015, I’m really focused on being happy. When I’m happy, I’m the most creative, productive, groundbreaking version of myself.”

Take Risks
2014 was a busy year for Zach Lister as he’s getting two new companies off the ground. The first is Hubb Music, a local app tailored to help you find new music, upcoming events, and a way for fans to interact with musicians. If you love the way Tinder works, you’ll love Hubb.

The second company is Well Juicery, a micro-juicery found right in downtown Calgary. For people who are all about the juice cleanse right now, you can find the Well line up at select shops and Cafes around town. And we suggest you do.   

“My New Year’s resolution is to be early rather than late, avoid procrastination and drink lots of juice. My goal in 2015 is to be the Notable Entrepreneur of the Year.

And some words of inspiration: I am a huge believer in surrounding myself with people who are willing to take risks and accept failure. There are too many individuals who base their careers and decision making on the belief that failure is not an option. This mindset severely limits creativity. Don’t be one of those people”

Balance is Key
This is one busy woman who’s spending her days on her second successful venture. Well known around the downtown core, she’s now running Mercatino, a market-style shop located in the Bow Tower. When she’s not at work, Reena Vadan is also an avid volunteer and generously gives her time to charity.  

Ladies, if you’re looking for a role model, you’ve found her.

“My escape is meditation. However, all aspects of my life seem to have accelerated to a million miles a minute, so taking time for myself has become increasingly impossible to do. My goal for 2015 is to simplify, and return to the basics. Making more time for myself will allow me to appreciate my work, my life, my family and what drives me as an entrepreneur – or in other words, it will help me achieve my ideal balance. “

Success Comes One Tweet at a Time
Anyone who loves Stampede will want to high-five David Wald. Besides running his own social media company (Social Sesame), David is also the brains behind stmpdr, the new resource for all things cowboy. In the next few months you can look forward to more big news about what’s happening with tents, Western stars and chuckwagons for 2015.

“My goal is to be more adventurous in life and in business… learning new things, getting out of comfort zones, making achievable risks. And enjoying every minute along the way.”

Let’s get inspired, Calgary. Set those goals and resolutions for 2015 and make this a year to remember.