Notable and Pure Leaf Tea are Throwing the Hottest Summer BBQ of the Season

There’s no better term to describe summer than BBQ Season. 

And since we can only relish in this most glorious time of year for a few short months, you can bet we’re going to make damn sure it’s as notable as possible.

So we’ve partnered with Pure Leaf Tea to create the ultimate BBQ experience – and spread its fresh summer flavour across the entire country.

That’s right, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver – we’re coming for you.

And we’re not just talking Pure Leaf peach, lemon, raspberry, unsweetened, or green tea with honey full flavour here – we’re also inviting some of your city’s top chefs and mixologists to serve up tantalizing local food and cocktail creations while you wind down (or turn up, if that’s how you roll) at a laid-back urban oasis. You will soon learn about the different Pure Leaf Tea flavours and how they pair well with different ingredients and spirits. It will be delicious, so trust us, you won’t want to miss this.


Did we mention we also want to throw you and your friends your own Summer BBQ party? All you have to do is share your best BBQ moment on any social media platform with the hashtag #pureleafsummerbbq for a chance to win.

And since you’ll already be at the hottest BBQ event of the summer, you should have no shortage of material.

Stay tuned for details on your city’s Notable x Pure Leaf Tea summer BBQ event coming soon.