Not into It? How to Handle the Holidays

Way too upbeat Christmas music, packed malls, stress, zero cabs, overpriced airplane tickets, and family politics – the holidays can be a little too much. Some years, you simply and unapologetically aren’t in the mood. The holidays aren’t always merry and bright for the single young professional (YP), for the YP on a budget, or for those with ‘crazy’ families. Here’s how the holiday hater can handle these festive days… 

Stay away from the malls
If you’re not in the holiday mood, the worst thing to do is hit the mall. Not only will that perpetual Christmas music and the shaking of bells wherever you go serve as a constant reminder that it is supposed to be the “most wonderful time of the year,” you’ll have to brave the slow-walking, shopping bag-carrying crowds of annoyingly happy people who are in the holiday spirit. That’s only going to irritate you more. Shop online instead.

Easy on the social media
If you’re not feeling the holidays this year, spending too much time on social media is only going to make things worse when you see the pictures of seemingly “perfect” family dinners, those couples who will inevitably get engaged on Christmas Eve, amazing New Year’s Eve vacations, or of all the gifts you didn’t receive from the significant other that you don’t have. Watch a horror movie instead.

Don’t ruin it for the rest
Just because you’re not into it, don’t be a Grinch and make others feel bad for their excitement. It is better to stay home from a holiday party than to go and kill the mood with your bad energy if you really can’t snap out of it. The holidays only come once a year, and if you act like an idiot, it will be remembered. Make the most of the parties, dinners and family visits; it could be worse… you could be alone.

Treat yourself
Why not treat yourself to a little gift with that holiday bonus, like that purse or watch you have had your eye on? Or splurge on a fancy wine-filled dinner with friends. After all, you’ve been good and worked hard all year and Santa doesn’t stand a chance against your doorman.

Know that it will be over soon
Even though the holidays mark an elaborate two-month long affair (beginning the day after Halloween), remember that it won’t last forever and you will be able to start fresh with a brand new year. Rotting, discarded Christmas trees will soon line lawns, vacation tans will fade, and the whole production of the holidays will be a distant memory.

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Cover Image from: Bad Santa Movie