No More Cold Shoulder: This Mattress is Temperature Controlled For a Better Sleep

Finding the perfect sleeping conditions can be one of the more challenging aspects of life for a cohabiting couple.

Spooning is not for everyone, and the ‘hug and roll’ is definitely not a viable option (just ask Chandler). And while some may like to keep things toasty in the bedroom and sleep in the buff, others prefer cooler climates that allow them to snuggle up in their flannel PJs.

One thing we can all agree on, however, is how vitally important sleep is for us millennials. And now, thanks to Mooring by Mirahome, you don’t have to choose between your squeeze and getting some Zs.

Mooring is a smart mattress pad that monitors and controls the temperature of your bed and promises to “revolutionize the way you get your sleep.” The little chargeable tracker connects to the pad and provides you with the ideal temperature you need to sleep soundly, and in the process tracks your heart rate, breathing rate, body movements, and when you get up and go to bed.

And because it’s super clever, it provides the best sleeping temperature based on feedback from its internal system – meaning that the more you sleep with it the more it learns about your sleeping habits once you’re in the land of nod.

Mooring can adjust the temperature of different areas of your bed, depending on individual preferences you and your significant other have when it comes to slumber. So you can finally say goodbye to the age old couple’s conundrum; fighting over the bed covers.

We recently told you about the Sleep Shepherd Blue insomnia headband, which aims to improve sleep through binaural beats, as well as track your sleeping habits via a handy app.

But for those of you who prefer to sleep unencumbered, or if you can get to sleep but struggle to stay warm throughout, this is a great alternative. The mattress adjusts the temperature throughout your sleep cycle in real time, so you stay warm when you need to, cool down when you need to, and get a quality sleep all night long.

Mooring can also adjust different parts of your bed – so if you get cold feet in the middle of the night, it can adjust core areas of the mattress pad to balance your overall temperature. Whoa. Another brilliant couple’s feature is the built in alarm that gently vibrates to wake you up during your lightest sleep pattern; meaning that just because your partner wakes up at an unearthly hour in the morning to go to the gym, it doesn’t mean that you need to.

It all syncs up to an app so you can track your sleeping habits – plus, it could even alert you to any potential health issues.

According to their site, Mooring will be heading to Indiegogo very soon where it will be available in a variety of sizes (Twin, Queen, and King). But if you sign up by email now you can get a 50 per cent early bird discount.