Nike Delivers on Back to the Future II’s Best Prediction

We must admit we’re impressed by what Back to the Future was able to get right. 

The iconic film(s) predicted we’d have wireless video games and 3-D movies; handheld computers and video chat; technology addiction and multiple TV channel viewing.

Check, check, check.

They even said Florida would have a baseball team – and they have two of those now. 

But one thing we thought we’d have for sure are self-tying shoes, arguably Marty McFly’s flyest accessory. Seriously, we can wear virtual reality on our face but can’t outfit our feet with self-automated kicks?

Well, it looks like Nike’s finally going to deliver this ultimate lazy man’s luxury after all – with an added cool factor, of course.

The patent is in, the blueprint is printed, and the graphics team has already gone to work. Nike’s high-tech high-tops will be released sometime this year and, unlike their 2011 Mag limited edition sneakers that closely resembled those in the movie, these babies will be armed with self-lacing functionality.

Tying your shoes? Ain’t nobody got time for that. 


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