Nigerian Bread Seller Lands Modelling Contract After Photobombing Tinie Tempah’s Shoot

Photobomb (pho-to-bomb); to spoil a photograph of (a person or thing) by unexpectedly appearing in the camera’s field of view as the picture is taken, typically as a prank or practical joke.

That’s certainly the definition I’ve always gone by. Although there are the occasional strangers who’ve commandeered a Kodak moment (and reserved a special place in mine and my friend’s memory), for the most part a photo bomber is simply a nuisance.

But Olajumoke Orisaguna – or the beautiful lady with the bread on her head, as she was known initially – wasn’t inconveniencing anyone when she walked onto the set of singer Tinie Temphah’s photoshoot in Nigeria.

The 27-year-old bread-seller from Lagos unintentionally stumbled into the photograph wearing a red dress and flip-flops.


Nigerian photographer Ty Bello was so impressed with her beauty that he tried tracking her down on Instagram, offering to help put together a modelling portfolio.

“She walked onto our set and magic happened… it wasn’t planned at all. I didn’t even know I nailed the narrative until I edited a few days later,” he posted. He later asked, “WHO IS SHE? Everyone has been asking if this lady is a model…She definitely SHOULD be a model.”

Orisaguna was quickly found, and the mother of two was photographed for Nigerian magazine This Day Style by Bello himself. The photographs show her with her second child, 14-month-old daughter, Grace.

The hairstylist by trade was not making enough money and had moved away from her husband and five-year-old child, relocating to Lagos at the invitation of a distant relative who knew of a job at a bakery. Orisaguna has since been signed to Few Model Management.

So the next time you photobomb a picture, remember to pout and make sure they get your best side. You never know what could happen.