Delayed Flight to Newfoundland Turns Into “Kitchen Party” at Pearson Airport

Welcome to Newfoundland’s Got Talent live from Pearson International Airport.

On Monday night, a flight from Toronto to St. John’s was delayed for about half an hour. Instead of letting time waste away, passengers turned the minor inconvenience into one hell of a scene. Or, as they’d call it out East, a “kitchen party.”

As one website devoted to Newfoundland and Labrador heritage defines it, a kitchen party consists of drinkers and carousers crowding around a woodstove or step dancing across the floor while a few musicians sit in the corner trading songs and tunes.

A great spectacle on a Saturday night in Corner Brook, sure, but 10 times better when it takes place impromptu at one of North America’s biggest airports.

Led by Sheldon Thornhill on the accordion and fellow musician Sean Sullivan on the guitar, the group soon broke out in all manners of song and dance. Grey Foggy Day, Sweet Forget Me Not, and Music and Friends were just some of the Atlantic hits performed. Apparently even the captain of the plane joined the chorus.

“This is just one of the reasons why we are proud to be a Newfoundlander,” wrote traveller Michelle Philpott in the caption to her above Facebook video. The post has since one viral, racking up more views than the province has people.

Check out a 10-minute video of the fun below:

We’d be shocked if you saw a more Canadian thing between now and 2018.