A New Study Reveals Which Canadian City’s Singles Have the Highest Sex Drives

We like to think that all Canadians enjoy a healthy sex drive, but some new research suggests not all Canadians crave it the same way.

If you live in Vancouver, you’re probably a little “luckier” than your young professional counterparts who live in other provinces.

Especially those in Quebec.

Online dating site EliteSingles conducted a study to determine which Canadian singles have the highest libidos. The study involved 40,000 random singles from across the country, who were asked to what extent they agreed to the following statement: “I have a strong desire for sex.”

(On a side note, I can guess how Japan would do in this survey.)

Taking top honours was Vancouver, where local singles revealed themselves to be the most lustful for sex of any group in the country. Given the laidback free-spirited lifestyle, I can’t say I’m surprised.

In second place were singles from Sault Sainte Marie, who took second place overall, while Toronto placed third.

On the other hand, singles in Quebec were found to have the lowest sex drives.

If you’re looking for action, here’s where you’ll find Canada’s most amorous singles:

1. Vancouver
2. Sault Sainte Marie
3. Toronto
4. Ottawa
5. Kelowna
6. Windsor
7. Grande Prairie
8. Brandon
9. Fredericton
10. Halifax

On the flip side, these are the least amorous cities – and they’re all in Quebec…

5. Matane
4. Montmagny