New Personalized Adult Colouring Books Will Let You Colour Your Favourite Instagram Pics

Well, colour me happy.

Our current obsession with adult colouring books has finally reached peak millennial.

Not content with running the world into a pencil drought after doing all that expert shading within the lines of our Drake colouring books, the world has now seen fit to create one that allows us to colour in ourself(ies).

As Drizzy himself would say, what a time to be alive.

Selfie-obsessed doodlers will be able to convert their favourite Instagram poses into a five page, custom colouring book courtesy of Color Me Book. Alternatively, you could colour in your most liked weekend brunches or heavily filtered snaps of your beloved city.

Photo: Colour Me Book

You don’t have to upload social media snaps – you can upload any image to be transformed into a colouring book outline for you to de-stress with. So if, for example, Justin Bieber wanted to, he could stop colouring in scantily-clad anime babes and colour in someone else (say, a certain ex-gf he’s never really gotten over?), that wouldn’t be a problem.

If you’re vain, but not that vain – you can order one personalized page digital download instead. Or if you only have eyes for the #DogsOfInstagram, Colour Me will create a five-page colouring book of your pet for $25 (USD).

When you’ve completed the final touches it may seem a little odd not to have a barrage of likes and comments appear beneath the finished article, as per Instagram. Just remember to breathe and be proud that you did this for you, not for the attention, and everything will be fine.

But, perhaps in the interests of cutting back on our digital addictions and reducing our technological dependence, it may be a good way of weaning yourself off gently.

And if you still miss it, you can use your works of art to fashion a little IRL newsfeed on your living room wall.