New PATH Yoga Studio Adds Balance to the Workday

Between getting there, the hour-long class, and a shower (and possible blow-dry) afterwards, a quick yoga decision can pretty easily turn into a three-hour commitment.  

And few young professionals (YPs) have time for that. 

The time commitment is heightened by the fact that (quite surprisingly) yoga studios in the heart of the downtown core have been virtually non-existent. Until now, that is. 

Opening July 21st, Yoga Be will make it easier for downtown core-working YPs to get their yoga fix when it opens its doors in Toronto’s PATH.  

Soon, even the Bay Street boys will be able to get their happy baby pose on during the workday. 

Geared towards corporate workers of the downtown core, Yoga Be offers things like tailored ‘Computer Back’ classes (focused on releasing tension in the shoulders, neck, and back) and ‘20 minute Better Than Coffee Yoga Breaks’, along with other classes that will have you back to work in less than an hour. 

We’re told some classes are even easy enough to do in a suit. With the amount of times we’ve seen suits split on the dance floor or crouching into a car, we remain slightly skeptical about that one. But hey, maybe your Armani has more stretch than ours.

Yoga Be was designed with busy professionals in mind. In fact, owner Laura Baron left a top Bay Street law firm to establish the yoga studio in the PATH after years of wishing one existed. Like many of us, she loved the mental and physical benefits of yoga but didn’t have the time to travel across town to a yoga studio. 

We have a feeling that the space will become a quick hot spot for namaste-seeking 9-5ers, and here’s why…. 

You get variety. 
Just like your go-to neighbourhood studio, Yoga Be offers all of your staple classes like Flow Yoga, Hatha, Restorative and Pilates. Classes run throughout the day, beginning at 6:30 or 7:00am. As an added bonus (because you sometimes just need a midday timeout), studio rooms are open for self-practice or meditation whenever classes are not in session.

Combine yoga with lunch. 
You can hit a class on your lunch break. “Essential” classes are set at 45 minutes during the lunch hour. You won’t have to worry about scrambling to find something to eat after either, as a partnership with the vegan/gluten-free Kupfert and Kim PATH eatery allows clients to be back at their desk with a healthy lunch within the hour. 

Blend yoga therapy with retail therapy. 
The Yoga Be Boutique has you covered when you leave your gym bag at the front door of your condo (always an excuse to shop, right?) with brands like Lole, Manduka, B Yoga, Volupsa candles, Jade, Half Moon, Hurraw and House of Aum. 

Walk to it coatless – year-round. 
Since the PATH connects to more than 50 buildings and 28 kilometres of retail space, once the colder weather comes back you likely won’t have to go outside to get to class. The only traffic you’ll have to worry about is the slow walkers in front of you. 

You are now officially out of excuses. 

Yoga Be is located in the atrium on the concourse level of the MetroCentre (200 Wellington Street West). 


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