New Digs: Sam James’ Latest Coffee Shop

A door, a few words on glass, and good coffee. Miss the door and the words (which is very easy to do) and you’ll miss the good coffee too.

Sam James’ latest coffee shop (1000 Queen St. W., entrance on Ossington) has officially opened its doors at Queen and Ossington. In contrast with the giant Starbucks sign across the street, the newest member of James’ growing collection of coffee destinations (this makes four) is about as under the radar as possible. The lettering on the glass door is roughly the size you’d find on the office of a co-worker you’re not sure was ever hired.


In fact, everything about this coffee shop is about as far away from its big green competitor across the street as you can get. Huge ceilings, a simple bar, modern minimalist design – you’re here for good coffee and that’s it.Want a seat? Try the concrete steps. If you’re looking for the linger-for-hours-while-using-our-WiFi vibe, this isn’t it. That’s not to say it’s not a welcoming place, it is. It’s just more focused and more streamlined for coffee while leaving all things coffee related (see: you + the Internet + forever) in their rightful place: away from here.


It doesn’t seem like too long ago that a Starbucks moving into the neighbourhood made indie coffee shops cry and then die. And yet, Sam James has moved in right across the street from one with the obvious belief that people will choose his brand over their’s. We hope he’s right.


#LYNL | (Live Your Notable Life)

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