New App DINR Offers Last Minute Reservations at Montreal’s Best Restos

“The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.”

Well, thankfully there’s finally someone who seems to understand we need their help.

Currently beta testing on Apple – an Android version will be released sometime this winter – DINR might just be the next hottest foodie app to come out of Montreal.

Now waiting for a time slot to open at some of the most sought after restos around our city might just have become something of the past. We caught up with Kyle Marshall Nares, Co-Founder of DINR to get the proper scoop:

How does DINR work?
Our restaurant partners post their same-day availabilities to the DINR network and our users get fast, easy access to these often hard to get reservations.

What’s the concept behind it?
We were really inspired to help solve a significant problem in the restaurant industry. Managing a restaurant’s inventory is extremely complicated as different variables are at play at all times. Requests come in via email, by phone, through online services, from walk-ins, and through friends and family networks. Things are always changing and they change fast. We’re excited to be concentrating on a simple tool that helps diners eat at great restaurants without planning or struggling to find options and that also allows our restaurant partners to communicate their availabilities in the easiest way possible.

What’s the advantage of using DINR?
The biggest advantage for the user is that they no longer need to make multiple calls and search difficult reservations services in order to find same-day availability at a great restaurant. DINR is the easiest source to find a curated selection of amazing restaurants that have real time availabilities. We don’t know exactly where or when the availabilities will happen, but we do know that they will.

Do customers need to use a credit card when booking?
In order to create an account with DINR, our users enter their payment information in order to secure these last minute availabilities. Our users are accountable diners looking to take advantage of these hard to get openings that often resulted from other people’s cancellations or ‘no-shows’.  In exchange for access to these availabilities we ask that our users commit to respecting the reservation, otherwise they could be held responsible for a charge of $30 if the restaurant isn’t able to fill the seats. We know that sometimes people still need to cancel the day-of, so we offer an easy, one touch cancellation feature through the app that is accessible up until 60 minutes before the reservation time. The service is completely free; all you have to do is either show up or let the restaurant know you can’t make it.

How do you manage to allow such last minute reservations at the hardest to get spots around Montreal?
Highly sought after restaurants are usually booked up days or weeks in advance, but when the date finally arrives, a significant amount of reservations are cancelled. DINR is a tool that allows restaurants to communicate directly with diners that are looking specifically for availabilities that same day.  Because our users are accountable, our restaurant partners can prioritize DINR reservations, knowing that the reservations will be respected, or at worst that they’ll be advised if the diner does need to cancel.


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