Never Drink These Drinks if You Want to Avoid a Hangover

Don’t hate the drink, hate the congeners. 

That’s right, congeners – the second-worst C-word in the English language. 

These pesky little toxic remnants of the fermentation process are the real reason you wake up some weekend mornings in a world of hurt. They don’t directly cause a hangover, but they sure as hell magnify it. 

Any level-headed person, of course, should be keen to consume as few of them as possible. And since all beers, wines, and spirits are subject to these impurities, you’re already fighting a losing battle the moment you take the first sip.

Some beverages, though, contain a significantly higher concentration of congeners than others – all the good ones, of course. So pending your ability to drink at least somewhat in moderation, here’s what’s on the safe list:

– Light-coloured beer
– Vodka
– Gin

Yup, that’s it. Consuming any of these, meanwhile, invites a considerably higher risk of next-day katzenjammer.

– Bourbon
– Scotch
– Tequila
– Brandy
– Dark-coloured beer and beer with high alcohol content
– Red wine

So, remember to count your congeners as dutifully as you count your drinks.

And if you’re just going to be so reckless as to mix vodka, milk, and coffee syrup liqueur (see: White Russians all night) in a single vessel, well, then you have much more to worry about tomorrow than tonight’s congener count. 



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