Netflix Says What You Stream Can Help You Find a Relationship

Those who Netflix together, stay together. Or so says a new study on Netflix and Chill.

The streaming service polled its millennial members to find out how the insertion of Netflix in their daily lives has impacted their relationship process over the years.

Let’s just say if we didn’t think we were addicted, we do now.

Of the members asked, 53 per cent said that they had added a TV Show or movie genre to their dating profiles in hopes of attracting a potential partner. Which makes the fact that 56 per cent found others more attractive based on the shows they watch – a phenomenon Netflix are dubbing as Show Goggles – perfectly understandable.

So if you like action thrillers, you could be in luck. It’s the most popular genre in a prospective significant other. Documentaries and dramas followed closely behind.

Once you’ve got past the awkward date stage and bonded over a mutual love of Orange is the New Black, the next big step all comes down to your *caps lock* Password123.


If all the data is to be believed, then I have fallen head over heels for every room mate I have ever lived with, because 32 per cent of those asked believe that sharing a Netflix password means the relationship is serious.

But while you crazy kids are staying in, cozying up and leaving your passwords unattended, just remember to play nice.

Unlike our parents who fought over the remote control, our romantic negotiations will centre around a trade for trade on shows watched each night. So if you watched Gilmore Girls last night, don’t expect to take a trip to Stars Hollow again this evening – unless you want to go it alone.

Modern day romance is all about binge watching in the name of love: