Learn How To Make The Netflix Personal Trainer

Netflix hosts a bi-annual hack day, a field day for developers to experiment with new products. One recent result is the Netflix Personal Trainer for users who love to train in the gym as much as they love to Netflix and chill.

The trainer isn’t for beginners: You need to have basic coding skills and a passion for DIY to build it for yourself but, if you do, Archie Andrews can be the one whispering in your ear to run faster.

Here’s how it works:

After you DIY the device, it connects to a phone or tablet via Bluetooth and uses an accelerometer to track activity levels during a workout. Users set how hard they want to work out, and if they fall below that threshold, the music or video will pause and the device will share a message from the Netflix character of their choosing. If the user stops completely, so will Netflix.

Want to give it a try?

Here is your detailed bill of materials and here is your complete guide to building the Netflix personal trainer. If the personal trainer project isn’t for you, you can make Netflix socks or get started on a Netflix doorbell for Halloween instead.

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