Need a New Suit, Ladies? Read This First

We first brought you the ultimate suit guide for men presented by the Suit Lounge at RW&CO.

Now it’s time for the notable ladies.

It’s already hard enough shopping for daily outfits, but when the suit comes into play, things get even trickier.

Not only are the suit options for men much bigger, but places where women can find modern and cool work suits are few and far between.

So we once again enlisted fashion retailer RW&CO, who recently launched their Suit Lounge, to help us help you find the ideal suit for the office, the meetings, the after work fun, and anywhere else you might want to look stylish and professional.

So let’s start with your inner style. RW&CO broke down four key categories for us and shared three looks for each so you can stay looking sharp all day and all night long.

The Polished
Besides being a career woman, you know how to lead a balanced life between your goals and your family. You’re all about being effortless and efficient so simple and classic looks are what keep you feeling sharp all week long.

The Feminine
From work meetings to outings with your friends, you’re always perfectly put together. Your fashion sense perfectly reflects your outlook on life, which is sugar and spice and everything nice.

The Creative
You live for being creative. You don’t follow trends, you set them. A strong and confident dresser with a slight feminine touch you think outside the box and even take ideas from men’s fashion and spin them into your own look.

The Fashionista
You’re the one that knows about every hot spot popping up around the city, which is no surprise since you’re also all about new trends. Your outfits are always on point and always well curated.

`Now that you’ve looked in the mirror and nailed which category you fit in, we wanted to help your workweek out and show you how one blazer is all you really need to make a splash.

For more information go to RW&Co’s Suit Lounge and get inspired.


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