Mystery and Excitement Building for New Nightclub Playhouse

While we got the scoop on an exciting work-in-progress nightclub, Playhouse, maintaining their low radar cool, has us sworn to secrecy.

But here’s what we were allowed to share:

1. The address. Davie Street is all you need to know, for now. 

2. Our insider tells us they expect to see a crowd that’s graduated from the Granville Street strip and are already know they are in for something new. Over-the-top and intimate VIP nights is what Playhouse will aim to deliver. 

3. 3500 square feet of indoor and outdoor space. You read that right.Outdoor.  Vancouver’s first open air nightlife experience will be complete with cabanas on the outdoor patio lounge. Luckily, we have the warmest climate in the country and favour the movement towards anything reminiscent of a New York City night out.

4. Expect a 1920s vibe injected throughout – the decor of this era can be found in everything from the fabrics and wallpapers to art deco-esque ceilings and heavy touches of gold.

5. While the music line-up will be released closer to opening, a mix of everything on weekends will ensure there is something for everyone. The same goes for the beverage offerings: champagne, cognac and vodka – premium products to match the premium experience.

Playhouse is planning away for their prospected December opening – and we plan to spill every notable detail first. Until then, creep away until this new club is ready for the big unveil.


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