MÃœVBOX: Street Food Redefined

Distinct from our neighbouring city of New York, where street food has been perfectly integrated to the daily regime, Montreal is far from offering food stands at each corner turned. However, street food enthusiasts need not worry, a trip down the quays of the port is a definite worthwhile experience. In addition to the countless attractions in Old Montreal, the one-of-their-kind MÜVBOX containers offer a redefined and succulent introduction to street cuisine. Looking like nothing but shipping containers, come opening hours the recycled, eco-friendly and solar-powered crates unfold into food stands that serve up delicious lobster rolls and flavorsome porchetta sandwiches within an impressive 90 seconds.

The MÜVBOX: Lobster Box made its debut in 2009, the inspiration behind the idea stemmed from the revolutionary Push Button House installation at the 2006 Venice Biennale (a shipping container that unfolds in seconds to reveal a complete living space.) The pop-up truck sets itself apart from other vendors, due not only to its artsy cool red and white graffiti design, but also to the quality of the food. The menu serves up their specialty of fresh lobster chunks tossed in mayo, celery, salt and pepper in a hot dog bun.

The newest addition, MÜVBOX: Porchetta, popped up this summer. Only steps away from the Lobster Box, the newcomer offers thick slices of Italian-style braised pork and peppered arugula nestled between fresh ciabatta bread. Side dishes include roasted potatoes, lima beans, zucchini and sautéed rapini. Both stands share concepts, but offer deliciously differing specialties.

It is possible to come across a MÜVBOX container in other parts of the world. They are being used as retail space in Los Angeles and Dubai, a cupcake station in London, and an art gallery in Milan. In our city, the MÜVBOX stands have definitely come to redefine Montreal’s culinary scene. These gourmet containers are quite the delectable experience, as they alter and complete a sightseer’s promenade in the beautiful quays of our city. It is the perfect spot to stop by for a quick bite to eat, with one of the best views of the city.