Must Try: Tabule Leslieville

At 810 Queen Street East in Leslieville you’ll now find Tabule‘s second location. This wonder of a resto expedites refined yet comforting takes on Middle Eastern cuisine… it is most certainly not your average falafel spot. 

A true restaurant – not an eatery – Tabule’s new digs are classy and chic, yet relaxed enough for long stays. The refinement found in their cuisine comes down to details; the back of house yields amazing takes on classics, all with the freshest of ingredients.

Try the hallum cheese dish, or the cauliflower, or the Fattush salad and see why Tabule needs to become a regular in your exotic restaurant rotations. It will help turn your misconceptions about weighty Middle Eastern fare over, showing you a different level of edible ethos. 

We’re all for new restaurants that aren’t following trends. It keeps the scene in the city interesting and exciting. Ladies and gents, part the DVP and head into the beautiful new Tabule.

Photo courtesy Tabule