Must Try: Maizal Quesadilla Cafe

Continuing the trend of gourmet Mexican restos popping up around the city, Maizal Quesadilla Cafe opened recently in Liberty Village. This quaint little shop is serving up some locally-sourced, South of the Border inspired goodness.

The space itself is rather small but ample enough. Bright colours punctuate the otherwise serene looking space. A swath of light shines through the front windows – where a small patio allows for great people-watching. But the gem of this gem is, of course, the food.

The menu has delicious offerings like fried and grilled quesadillas with your choice of protein, nopalitos (a traditional dish made from nopales), sopes (think of them like opened faced tacos), guacamole and so much more. Everything is made fresh in-house, including their tortillas. (They have a corn grinder on site.) 

Mexican restaurants are great for the gluten-free YP as corn tortillas usually don’t contain gluten. (Bonus!) But this place is the perfect spot for anyone who loves bright flavours, eclectic textures, and deliciously fresh Mexican fare.