Must Try: Trinity Taverna

The most stunning new Toronto restaurant is found in the most unlikeliest of spots. Ladies and gentlemen, you need to get to Trinity Taverna (1681 Lake Shore Blvd E). Like… tonight.

First off, the space is absolutely beautiful, mimicking a Mediterranean islandesque feel that’s bright and airy, yet contemporary and city chic all at the same time. It’s also massive, making it a perfect spot for dinners or events of any size.

Second, the attention to detail is magnificent. Fresh fish and seafood are flown in from areas like Greece and Portugal and displayed in a market-like setup near the open kitchen. The wine list is a carefully cultivated consortium of Grecian delights, and they all pair like perfection with the outstanding food.

And on that note… the outstanding food is just that. It’s remarkable that a restaurant of such size and grandeur can not only feed every hungry seat in acceptable time, but that it does so with care and mesmerizing flavours.

The Cretan dumplings were a favourite of ours. Crispy phyllo balls stuffed with flavours like spinach + feta and braised lamb + truffle. Exquisite!

The Colorado USDA Prime lamb chops are otherworldly in flavour, and stand up to the beauty of simply perfect roasted potatoes that accompany the duo of double chops.

The feta cheesecake will have you seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Fear not, as you haven’t actually died and gone to heaven… it just seems that way.

Trinity Taverna is our new hotspot for the dead of winter, though we can’t wait ‘til summer rears its humid head again and we can partake in the deliciousness on their breathtaking water-adjacent patio.

It’s a notable joint to be sure, and you’ll find it in the Beaches, sitting pretty at Ashbridges Bay.

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