Must Try: Teppan Kenta

We’ve some new Japanese eats in the city… aside from, you know, the 18 other new Japanese restaurants that opened in the past year. Teppan Kenta recently took over the space left in the wake of Nejibee Izakaya, which itself had opened only months before. (Too much of a good thing, perhaps?)

Teppan Kenta breaks outside the customary izakaya or ramen shop mould by focusing on another fine Japanese fare: teppanyaki. The griddled delights that hail from the kitchen are just that: delightful. 

Don’t get too accustomed to any one item at Teppan Kenta, as many change up daily based on the chef’s whim du jour. One day you might see Japanese style omelettes, the next you’re in for some scallop done carpaccio-style. We like to be kept on our toes, and any excuse a restaurant can make to get us back on the regular is notable in our books. 

While it remains to be seen if Teppan Kenta can forgo the curse Nejibee felt, the fact that the chef hails from fan favourite Guu is nothing but a sign of greatness to come. We’ll take the queue… will you?