Must Try Restaurant: Goro and Gun

Calgary has gone noodle crazy lately. With the highly anticipated opening of Goro + Gun, our ramen cravings can finally be satisfied right in the city’s downtown core.

Located on the plus-15 level of the Scotia Centre, Goro + Gun specializes in Hakata-style ramen from Kyushu, the most southern island of Japan. We were über impressed that all the sauces (even the soy!) are made in-house and no MSG is used in their ramen. The menu also features Japanese BBQ and sushi made with wild fish instead of farmed.

We started our evening at Goro + Gun with the musashi cocktail. Light and flavourful, this cocktail uses lapsang tea for a touch of smokiness and is balanced with plum wine for a touch of something sweet. Sake fans will be happy to learn that Goro + Gun is also one of a few restaurants to have sake on tap. Our sake was poured into a glass inside of a pine box called a masu. Traditionally used in Japan as a measurement of rice when it was used as a form of currency, today the masu is commonly used for serving sake. Sipping from the masu will highlight the sake’s flavours and help you pick up different notes on your palate.

Since sushi is a staple in the diets of many young professionals, you’ll want to order a dish or two to share before diving into your bowl of ramen. We tried the seared yellow tail, spicy salmon, spicy tuna and lobster California rolls as an appetizer and they did not disappoint. Fresh and expertly crafted, we’ve added Goro + Gun to our list of favourite sushi spots.

And then came the ramen. With gluten-free and vegetarian options, as well as additional toppings, there’s a bowl of ramen suitable for everyone – perfect for an office lunch. We slurped our way through three mini bowls of ramen, starting with the shio ramen made with a pork bone broth and kikurage mushrooms. The thin tonkotsu noodles soaked up the thicker broth and it was topped with a melt-in-your-mouth slice of pork belly. The miso ramen was next and was served with a soft-boiled smoked egg that takes 48 hours to prepare. Lastly, the spicy lamb ramen packed a flavour punch that noodle addicts will appreciate.

To make a reservation, call 403-237-5596403-237-5596.

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