Must Try: Rakia Bar

Rakia Bar is a new spot on Queen East – finally, proprietors of nightlife, good eats and great drinks are capitalizing on the lacklustre competition east of Coxwell – that’s serving up oodles of, you guessed it (or not), rakia. 

Rakia is a sort of liqueur that’s derived from the fermentation of fruit. Think of it like a fruit brandy… in many a flavour. There’s nary another bar quite like it in the city. (In fact, Rakia Bar itself has a few locations in Eastern Europe, but it’s still independently owned and operated – so don’t think of it like a chain.) 

This new spot – perfect for after-work drinks and nibbles – boasts a cozy atmosphere replete with dark woods and vibrant pops of magenta. You’ll pretty much only find the namesake drink here – which is most popular in the Balkans. But that’s no reason to get snooty. Rakia is good. No… it’s great.

You’ll also find some great share plates like Dalmation Calamari with inked wild rice, crispy suckling pig on steamed Czech buns, and duck leg paprikash. Ask for which rakia pairs the best and relax in this cool, eclectic atmosphere.

Photo courtesy Rakia Bar