Must Try: Playa Cabana Hacienda

Mexican food lovers will be delighted to know that the beloved Playa Cabana brand has launched a third outpost, Hacienda, only steps away from the original. This installment of the Playa Cabana enterprise is a bit more eclectic in decor than its predecessors, but will be slinging similar cool cocktails and serving up similar Mexican cuisine we’ve come to love from the restaurateurs that can do no wrong. 

‘Hacienda’ translates to ‘beach cabin’, so you can expect a robust tequila list along with impressive margaritas and mojitos. Perhaps as close to ‘beach cabin’ as possible in the city, look forward to enjoying the libations on Hacienda’s back patio, half of which will be reserved for walk-ins. 

For reservations and take-out, call 647-748-3911. Playa Cabana Hacienda is located at 111 Dupont Street.