Must Try: Osteria 55

Osteria 55 is the new incarnation of The Bowery, still found at 55 Colborne Street. Uniq Lifestyle brought in John Chetti of Queen Margherita Pizza to help transform the menu and restaurant’s direction into that of a rustic Italian ‘osteria’…and the food is brighter than its successor, bearing some amazing contemporary flare.

Osteria 55’s decor didn’t change too heavily from when the space was known as The Bowery. A lot of the big banquettes that lined the latter’s walls have been moved downstairs for larger group dining, and upstairs you’ll find seating more suited to two- and four-top parties. The food, however, is the real story. 

Now you’ll find dishes made for family-style sharing, like a whole sea bass cooked on charcoal. Pastas made from scratch will delight your palate. And different types of risotto will have you drooling. The overhaul of the space and the menu is part and parcel of the restaurant industry: if something doesn’t work, try, try again. With Osteria 55, it looks like a winning combination has been found.