Must Try: Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie is Matt Basile’s (aka Fidel Gastro) ode to comfort cuisine. The new restaurant – which overthrew the space left by Prague – has a menu of items as intensely satisfying as childhood memories… albeit with a bit of a twist.

Do you like tacos? Then the pork belly cheese thang – a deliciously supple chunk of pork belly sitting atop a melted cheese disc – is your go-to. Wings? Order them up, but be prepared for a shock when two beautifully saucy turkey wings show up at your table. Even the grilled cheese gets the Gastro treatment: two pieces of focaccia sandwich, a slice of prime mozzarella, and bone marrow before being deep-fried to crispy, greasy perfection. 

The menu is as sublime as Matt’s pop-ups always are, but at the bar is where you’ll find what his public event appearances sometimes don’t allow: cocktails, and awesome ones at that. The spritz has just enough tartness to cut through the decadence of the dishes. The testa dura has slightly more sweetness, but should be revered as easily. 

Lisa Marie kicked off to immense fanfare. Now a few weeks in, this love and attention has yet to falter. Why? A restaurant with consistent offerings and a laidback atmosphere is always apropos. Lisa Marie is anything but a hound dog.