Must Try: La Carnita

If you’ve yet to hear about La Carnita, there’s a strong chance you’re a rock-dweller. (As in you live under one, because really, everyone’s heard about this joint.) What started as a pop-up concept – one of the Toronto trailblazers in this vein at that – has burgeoned into a cult-like following wherein La Carnita’s tacos are revered citywide by foodies…and art lovers. No, really.

La Carnita got around a lot of the red tape associated with doing a pop-up restaurant/food concept by actually selling art prints instead of the food. You’d buy some art, and the tacos would come as a ‘free of charge’ bonus. Over the past five years, the founders used social media, word of mouth, guerilla marketing and the like to blossom a devout group of followers that proselytize the virtues of La Carnita’s tacos. 

The new shop, at 501 College Street, opened just last week, and is ready to give Grand Electric and Toucan Taco Bar a run for their tortillas. Boasting tacos like In Cod We Trust, Tostada de Lengua, and Pollo Frito, the options satisfy most any palette or craving. Not to mention the funky space, the well-stocked bar, and the art prints La Carnita’s known for being given out with the bill. Yes, La Carnita is totes mucho bueno.