Must Try: Kingyo

The wave of Japanese restaurants overtaking our city like Godzilla on a bender keeps gaining steam. We aren’t complaining, of course, since anything aside from Italian food is always a welcome addition to our culinary landscape. So, it is with open arms that we embrace Kingyo.

The newly opened Kingyo Izakaya in Cabbagetown on Winchester Street is a gem in an area surrounded by mostly pubs and local watering holes. The first Toronto location of this Vancouver-based chain – notice that a lot of these new Japanese restaurants hail from the West Coast? – is an ode to the eclectic energy found at restaurants throughout Japan.

The room is warm, with woods playing a predominant part in the visual aesthetic. There is decor reminiscent of Japanese tradition that pleases the eyes but takes a back seat to the whimsical menu items served up in a mix of old meets new fashion.

From hot stone bowls of soup to West Coast sashimi, stone grilled meats to the ever-loved ramen, Kingyo’s menu is a mix of Japanese sensibilities that’ll entrance each visitor.

Finally, the drinks list alone is a reason to visit. From Japanese mojitos to ginger cocktails to sake galore, Kingyo doesn’t disappoint on the hooch. Mark our words: Kingyo does Japan (and Toronto) proud.

Photo courtesy Kingyo