Must Try: Cafe+Bar+Pasta

Dundas West’s burgeoning strip shows no signs of slowing down. Apparently the hipsters of the city really do like to spend their hard-earned cash on copious amounts of gourmet grub and hand-crafted cocktails. Needless to say, Cafe+Bar+Pasta will likely clean house now that it’s open for business.

This new cafe meets bar meets pasta joint (however did they come up with the name, we wonder) is a clever trifecta of delights. First, you’ve the “cafe,” which during the day pumps out caffeinated crack in cups. Then, you’ve the bar to whet your whistle and tell a tale of big business bumblery. Finally, you can score some honest-to-goodness pasta perfection in the white-washed, brick-enclosed dining area.

Few restaurants can get one area of the biz running smooth as silk from the getgo, but word on the street is Cafe+Bar+Pasta has already amassed some loyal followers. That bodes well for any new restaurant, let alone one that’s working on a three-tiered model.

So head over to get your caffeine fix before moving into an alcoholic stupor and reinvigorating yourself with some slurpable noodles… that’s the notable way to eat through the day. Gluttony’s an misunderstood word, after all…

Top photo courtesy Cafe+Bar+Pasta