Must Try: Brussels Bistro

The Beaches is booming again. As of late, we’ve pretty much maligned the Beaches area as a yuppie-esque neighbourhood more suited for the parental young professional than the city-trotting YP. Such is the case no longer, what with the recent opening of Trinity Greek Taverna and the newly opened Brussels Bistro. It’s the double-B we’re chatting about today…

Brussels Bistro is true form-fashion: an adorable old house converted into a restaurant, with just a hint of Parisian kitsch. The menu reads like a list before Julia Child’s translations: Crevettes Provençale, Foie gras de canard poêlé, Jarret d’agneau Pre Salé… and it goes on in this fashion.

The food is refined and beautiful, using classic French techniques mixed in with Belgian sensibility. It really is a coming together of these two culinary types, and we see no issue in that. We’re excited to blend into the background, and watch as plate after plate of classic dish glory passes by our palates.

And all this in the Beaches… whoddathunkit?

Top photo courtesy Brussels Bistro