Must See Exhibition: TEXTING

Recently, I stopped in on the opening evening of gallerywest’s TEXTING to meet up with artists of Timeanddesire and get visually stimulated by their text-art exhibit that aims to highlight the psychological, the philosophical and the poetic.

The current body of work focuses on the relationship between language and cognition. Language is the foundation that shapes how we perceive the world. These representations are made intentionally to produce a concept or thought within the mind of the observer. Accordingly, much of this work can be seen as an attempt to utilize this structure to adjust and direct the ideology of the observer.

Timeanddesire also explores text as a visual object, paying close attention to the medium, at times creating a meaningful relationship between the medium and text itself, which definitely reflects in this show by using bright colours, different mediums to display the text and everyday objects that our eyes/mind can relate to. 


In addition, for part of the exhibition Timeanddesire has collaborated with Pascal Paquette and a highlighted piece by Stephanie Rond.

Timeanddesire is a pseudonym and was created originally for outdoor work done independently and now collaboratively by St Marie and Walker.

“We’re probably most well-known for the signs we make and put up in the public. The idea behind this body of work was to show our diversity as contemporary artists,” Walker says.

Denise St Marie has practiced her iconographic/text-based style for over a decade. She has created street art interventions in places such as Chicago, Las Vegas, Japan, China, across the Canadian Prairies, Victoria BC, Windsor and Toronto. She graduated from the University of Victoria attaining a BFA.


Timothy Walker views conceptual art as experience, play, and insight into the human condition. His practice is a means of exploring emerging philosophical notions and issues within our contemporary society. He is a graduate from the University of Toronto, where he specialized in Philosophy. 

Together, Timeanddesire has been featured in various outdoor showings, including Art of the Danforth 2012, PARK(ing) DAY Mississauga 2012 and a large-scale installation at Yonge & Dundas Square for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Toronto 2012. 

“I think that this is a show that has been waiting in the wings for quite a while; all the ideas, and even a lot of the work, was already there, it was just waiting for a venue. Also, I’m glad to an opportunity at gallery west to display some of my more ephemeral photographic work not often seen,” St Marie notes. And I agree; the show lays out a great mix of diverse displays of text that I am glad I was privy to. 

Show runs till August 30th, 2013. Drop by the gallerywest anytime between Tuesday to Saturday 1:00pm – 7:00pm. 

You’ll definitely enjoy it as much as I did! 

Heart ART!