Must See Exhibit: Sean Galbraith

Tucked away on bustling Church Street is the fairly new Akasha Art Projects, a pleasurable gem that I would have passed if I hadn’t have known about Sean Galbraith’s current solo show. I was delightfully happy to find out that Akasha Art Projects does custom framing and art installation services in addition to hosting photo-based exhibits every four weeks in their bright beautiful white space.


Photographing in nine cities, four countries and across two continents, Sean’s work is best described in four words: Industrial. Institutional. Abandoned. Captivating. I had been a huge fan of Sean’s work when I met him a few years ago at one of his shows on my first date with my now husband. I was instantly drawn to the beautiful decay of these spaces he would hunt down and sneak his way in to. Not only are these photos aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the stories behind them add a layer of historical and awing amusement. I feel like I always walk away from his photos having learnt something new in addition to being visually pleased, such as his main piece, “Coal Miners Change Room,” at his current exhibit, which displays finely draped cages creating a depth inviting composition unknowingly realizing this is a coal miners change/locker room in Germany. The cages were hung on chains with numbers and designated to each worker; this was the place where they would be able to store their shoes and jackets.


As an urban planner, Sean is heavily interested in the consequences of the rapid de-urbanization of formerly prosperous industrial centres. The interconnection between the loss of jobs and the loss of population in these areas is well known. Sean is curious about what happens to the buildings and infrastructure that are left behind, largely devoid of any potential users and uses.

Industry is part of a long-term project to explore, document, and present images from inside various forms of industrial architecture. The selection of images comprising this exhibition consists of an abandoned car body plant, municipal water works, a steel mill blast furnace, powerplants, mines and factories.


Take a trip over the east side, grab one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in town at About Cheese and go soak up Sean’s industrial masterpieces. You won’t be disappointed.

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Looking at purchasing some art for your collection, or want to start a collection? Why not start by coming out and supporting the annual SNAP auction happening on March 7th, 2013 at Andrew Richards Design, featuring amazing Toronto-based photographers auctioning fantastic pieces for an important cause. 

See you there & HEART ART!