Must Buy Shoes on Black Friday

The year’s biggest shopping day has arrived. On November 27, 2013, expect a whirlwind of super-sales and a sudden need for strategy. Which stores will you hit first? How many times have you bought things for the sake of the discount only to regret it days later? Exactly. Helpful hint: Buy online to save time and ditch the line-ups, or browse in advance to get an idea of what you need to buy. First on our list: footwear. Take a look at our staple choices worth buying on Black Friday…  

For the Ladies:
The combat boot is the star of this season’s boot roster. The ALDO Billingsa leather motorcycle boot makes a reliable and versatile wardrobe staple for casual Fridays at the office (or any day at the office, should you be so lucky). It’s also perfect to take you through a weekend of errands, shopping, and bar-hopping. Completing a casual yet edgy look, they’re the type of boot that you’ll pull out of your closet again this time next year. 

For the Guys:
Any pavement-pounding YP guy knows the importance of professional-looking shoes that work with every look, whether you’re interviewing for that dream job or plane-hopping across the country to meet with clients or business partners. To call these lace dress-ups a wardrobe staple, then, would be an understatement. Our pick this Black Friday season is the ALDO Manzella in cognac (you’ve probably accumulated a few basic black pairs by now), an essential member of your 9-5 look that pairs perfectly with dark denim or a crisp grey or navy suit. On second thought… if you can score them on sale, you might as well buy them in black too.

Cover photo: All-Wallpapers