Must Attend: Taco Or No Taco Christmas Taqueria

Pop quiz: What do you know about luchadores? And just remember that seeing Nacho Libre doesn’t qualify your answer. We love these guys for their bewildering ability to emanate pure masculinity in tights, and the fact that you rarely see the man behind the mask just adds to the intrigue. Even Batman is taking notes. However, the real standout thing about luchadores is their ability to get out there and throw their name behind a good cause. El Hijo del Santo made ocean conservation cool, Cassandro championed gay rights, and Super Barrio was all about bringing down the dirty slumlords of Mexico City. 

Thanks to the Taco or No Taco crew, who are known for their pop-up taquerias, Calgary now has their very own luchadore and self-appointed patron saint of foodies. Meet Caballo de Misterioso. In his prime, Caballo was hotter than a Habanero pepper and faster than a jaguar in a hurricane. It was even rumoured that Caballo dated Salma Hayek for a brief time in the height of his celebrity. While this luchadore’s glory days in the ring may be over, he’s happy to be out there on the streets of Calgary using his good name to spread the word about the Taco Or No Taco pop-up events.

According to Caballo, the Royal Canadian Legion #1 is hosting a very special pop-up taqueria on the 23rd of December. Guests are in for a crazy night of tacos, beer, bourbon, hip-hop and some live luchadore wrestling. This really seems like the perfect antidote for anyone who already feels like they’ve overdosed on Christmas. Do you want to be spending the 23rd playing charades with your great aunt or do you want to be front and centre for some top rope entertainment? Seems like an easy decision. 

In the next few weeks, you might run into Caballo if you are out and about. You can’t miss Caballo’s sexy 5’7” frame proudly wearing a blazing gold cape and shiny leopard tights. Rumour has it this luchadore is always out on the hunt for a strong cocktail and he’s been known to pick up the odd shift at restaurants downtown when the staff needs a day off. 

Chef Cody Willis, Jesse Willis of Vine Arts, and Brendan Bankowski of Taste are the geniuses behind Taco Or No Taco and they hope to see everyone out at the Legion. You can purchase tickets for this event at Vine Arts, Taste, the Ox & Angela and UNA. You can also follow the exploits of Caballo de Misterioso on Twitter @NativeTongueYYC (the photos being posted are much more appealing than Kim Kardashian).