Must Attend: Montreal’s Igloofest

Montreal has really perfected the “how to have fun in the coldest conditions possible” mentality by keeping all of us too busy with amazing activities all over the city in the winter.


On the top of this list is the annual Igloofest. The whole concept of this music and dance extravaganza is carved out of ice…literally. Taking place along the quays of Montreal’s Old Port, the Igloofest site is an immense colossal winter playground measuring approximately 50,000 sq. ft. across, where each evening brings attendees back into their childhood playfulness and good times. The whole idea behind Igloofest is based around the coolness and crispness of the Quebec winters, making Igloofest a rite of passage for local Montrealers, newcomers and tourists alike to come and really experience the amazement of below-zero entertainment. Being the only music festival of its kind in North America, Igloofest is a special success story whose affluence has multiplied 18 times in only six years, gathering around 70,000 people in 2012 in the space of nine evenings. Talk about a gathering!


With this year’s festival kicking off this Thursday, January 17th for its 7th edition, Igloofest now features a 4th weekend for a total of twelve incomparable evenings – something Igloofest troopers will surely be very pleased about! Presented by Sapporo in collaboration with Solotech, this edition promises close to a hundred guest artists a site redesigned for more comfort and visual stimulation, including giant flat screens and LED technology making the dance floors feel like an outer space experience; and an igloo village offering new playful activities for all fearless music lovers. Let’s not forget to mention everyone’s favorite one-piece photo contest, which requires dressing wisely but also getting creative in unique and kitsch attire to make a mark and possibly award you the title of grand winner. Think movies like Hot Tub Time Machine meets flash dance for inspiration.


Some amazing DJs and artists to look forward to include: Magda (US), Pan-Pot (DE), Audiofly (GB) and and Miss Kitten (FR). Others have been wooed for quite some time, including Joy Orbison (GB), Chris Liebing (DE), Heidi (CA), and Matias Kaden (DE), and some are highly respected veterans like Josh Wink (US), Ellen Allien (DE), and DJ Sneak (CA). The lineup is endless and the different tents and areas to party and socialize are enough to meet all musical tastes.

There are a variety of passes and ticket options available and you can check them out and purchase all online on their main website

Bundle up, get the neon ready and gather your friends…this is a gathering not to be missed! 

Top photo: Julien Kauffmann,