Must Attend: Montreal International Documentary Festival

With endless Hollywood blockbusters being produced under strategic business structures, cinema has undeniably reached an irreversible state of decline. American commercial movies share a common financially driven formula, focusing essentially on profit over creativity. The last couple of years have marked a significant increase in sequels and superhero films, as well as works based on digestible popular culture. Basically, the same Hollywood-style narrative has been disguised and reintroduced under an assembly line mode of production.

The recent scarcity in cinematic originality and quality narratives has irrefutably drawn interest to alternative genres. Although overshadowed by the repetitive Hollywood aesthetic, documentaries and indie films have nevertheless been regarded as an outlet for ingenuity. Both genres counteract the ideology of mainstream cinema, challenging previous notions of production. They provide a playground for creativity – something that Hollywood and all of its glam fails to (or does not care to) deliver. These real productions often focus on actuality; social or political issues presented in a fairly loose structure that provokes the audience, rather than a meticulously designed narrative that guides them through an invariable sequence of banal emotions. Hollywood’s lack of evolution in films disengages itself from modern society; thus, documentaries and indie films fill the broadening gap, reinforcing the true nature of cinema as a form of art.

With numerous film festivals through out the year, Montreal does not fall short in cinematic recognition. As one of the most important international documentary events, this month will mark Montreal’s 15th edition of RIDM (Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montreal). Conceived as an event for pioneering filmmakers, the festival draws together some of the best talent in the world. It embraces the inventive vision of reality based-films by showcasing the year’s top selection of documentaries. The program aims to redefine the dialogue between art and reality through social, political and environmental affairs. It also promotes cinematic exposure, as well as discussions amidst key figures in the industry.

As a networking platform, it is a must-attend event. Activities will include various awards, conferences, debates, and screenings. The festival will run from November 7-18th; for more information, click here.  

Photo courtesy of RIDM