Must Attend: LUNGevity Masquerade Ball

When it comes to supporting and featuring great causes around our city, we are always on board to spread the word. But when the charity featured is something extremely personal, as is the case with LUNGevity, we wanted to speak with the Founder, Fraida Saxe, directly. Fraida’s mother passed away to lung cancer two years ago, and to put more focus on this terrible disease she decided to start a wonderful charity event not only to honour her mother, but to help find a cure. We caught up with Fraida to find out more about LUNGevity’s history, lung cancer statistics and what we can all expect from this Thursday’s (April 3) ball:

What does LUNGevity support?
Lungevity supports lung cancer research at the Jewish General Hospital. 

When did it start and why?
I started this event two years ago after my mom passed away. I realized there are no fundraisers that target lung cancer specifically. In fact, lung cancers kill more women than breast, ovarian, and cervical combined, yet it’s still not considered a women’s cancer. So when the weekend to end women’s cancer takes place, sadly no money gets allocated to lung cancer. A lot of people think this is a smoker’s disease, but it’s not. Many none smokers get lung cancer. All my mother wanted was a cure to be found and our committee of 12 people (including a lung cancer survivor) is trying to fulfill it. 

Is there a specific goal you want to reach this year?
We are trying to raise as much money as possible. We have already raised $120k! 

What can we expect from this year’s event?
A lot of happiness and insane entertainment. Masks are given to each attendee if they don’t have one. Pole dancers, burlesque, acrobatic acts such as aerial acts, live singer (Shaharah the singer; she’s incredible, uber sexy), open premium bar, cocktail dinatoire, and a lot more. In fact, Eye Religion will be giving $50 gift certificates to everyone coming. Oh, and silent auction with amazing gifts! 

If someone can’t make it to the event, is there another way to contribute?
Yes! Visit here and click on 2nd annual LUNGevity Masquerade party ANC. You can donate there. 

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Article images by: Jonathan Roll Photography

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