Must Attend: Bud Light Platinum Experience Montreal

With the launch of Bud Light Platinum in the States after a catchy and cool Bud Light Platinum Ad for the 2012 Super Bowl featuring Avicii and his hit “Levels,” we have all been anticipating the arrival of this chic blue bottle to Canada. The time has finally come and all the hype surrounding this new Bud family addition is making its debut. With a tinge of sweetness, 6% alcohol by volume and cobalt blue sleek glass bottle, Bud Light Platinum is offering beer lovers a classier light beer option. For those of us that are perhaps not the biggest fans of the taste that beer offers, Bud Light Platinum is a stepping stone to changing our minds. The word “light” does not refer to the alcohol content, rather to the beer’s taste characteristics, making it easier to digest without a strong aftertaste.

Now that we covered the mixology aspect, what better way to launch a beer in Montreal than to throw an exclusive party? Bud Light Platinum is offering Montrealers the chance to be the very first to try this new product at their big launch tomorrow night. With doors opening at 10pm, this all-night affair will feature some of the hippest acts in the electronic music industry, starting with Black Tiger Sex Machine, who are known to perform a unique show which is part DJ set, part live, where they provide an intense mix of sounds and beats, all while wearing their trademark Tiger Helmets. Next up is Shanie Miotto – is she a model? A DJ? Simply visually stunning, this beauty has more up her sleeve than just looks. Her deep house and techno mixes have a huge following on the dance floor. 

To finish it all off, a very special guest of honour will be spinning to end the night. Internationally-renowned Swedish DJ duo Cazzette is stopping by and bringing their claim to fame with them. Already supported by David Guetta, Tiësto, Swedish House Mafia, Avicii and Martin Solveig, these young Swedes are taking over the world and Montreal with their addictive take on electronic music. All of this will be taking place in a modern and eclectic space with an elevated illuminating show experience surrounding guests. What better way to enjoy this snazzy new bottle of delicious beer than a huge party with Montreal’s young professionals letting loose and socializing? 

The event takes place tomorrow night and you can only attend by registering here. As this will be jam-packed event, and entry is subject to capacity; we strongly suggest you sign up quickly. Don’t forget to share your experience with the social media world with their special hashtag, #budlightplatinum. Bud Light Platinum is now available Canada-wide, make sure you sample a taste!

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